The Struggle… πŸ˜”Β 

I’m deeply sorry *apology face*…

….Haven’t published in like forever πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ and I feel really bad about it😒.

It’s been really hard this past months. Started with the struggle to submit my thesis “research writeup”, then moving my stuff out of my flat in school, relocating back to Lagos Nigeria (it’s not as easy as people make it sound). As if that wasn’t enough, my system started having faultsπŸ˜“πŸ˜“, both my phones started to misbehave and to top it up, i was broke *no money* (due to no job).

So tiring 😞😞😞

And guess what, no boo loveπŸ’ to encourage me 😒 😒. Times like this makes me miss you. πŸ’«πŸ’«*Muhhie* the 🌟 that remains in my heart and lights it up. ☺

It’s been really cray this past months *pls mind my language*

At a point, I thought to myself, was it any good attending “College???”, but as the saying goes, work now to play later, so here I am, fighting my way back up.

Trying to juggle between job hunting and continuing with my growing-business on the side (it’s a lot of work *phewwww* but I have to keep the struggle up).

Not to forget to say, but, it’s still one of my misbehaving phones I’m using rn. You wouldn’t understand the stress I’m going through to use the phone to type but believe me, it’s unexplainable.

Although I’m working on it *to upgrade my devices* all In the aim to make life easier and better.

So with all these problems I’m presently going through (yes problems, because every problem has a solution), thanks go out to my baby *ME*😁 for keeping me on track.

Thought it right to update my few lovely people who have an interest in my little circle-life what’s been up.

I promise to keep fighting for your sake and mine*of-course*. 😊

Love you all

Happy New Month β™₯


4 thoughts on “The Struggle… πŸ˜”Β 

  1. it’s never eAsy 4 Anybody Leaving College @ List d first Year..kip d Hustle gOin..Pray..u’l surely get Wat u LOokin 4..itz jst arOund d Corner


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