Joining the Cooperate World

It was a stressful one, but it was all worth it at the end.

I’m 8days late on my post and there is no actual excuse for it; please accept my humble apologies. It’s been one thing over the other; so many unfinished projects.

           But, Oh well… 

Dear Lovelies,

So as we all know, I studied Network Computing and Telecommunications (NCT). These past few months have been hectic.

I  just finished running my internship programm; which was carried out in a bank. 

To say the truth, it was a straneous  experience but worth-while…                                          *wide grin* 

The early-to-rise and late-to-bed days, hustle and bustle of Lagos, the demonic early morning and late night traffic, juggle and toggle of site inspections, rectification of networks,configuration of routers and switches  and the general experience as a whole. They are all memories that are going to linger.

Officially bowed out. 🙌

                     Last Day

So, I waited till it was all over to share my experience with you guys; not cause I was lazy, but I wanted the complete experience.

Am happy it has all come to an end, but, at the same time, am going to miss everybody; the friends I made and also those who did not add value to my life:).


So my internship  started at the Service desk post. I stayed at that department for 10working days. I was warmly  welcomed with large hands and i’m glad it all started there.

     “Esi and Bankole for Service Desk department

After which  I was deployed to my base; NOC”Network Operating Centres”, where I remained from inception till completion.

A team made up of 90% of the male gender and just 10% of the female gender. Need me say more??

Shoutout to the only female, Bukola” (sorry no picture🙈)

           We got this…

and also to him;  David  Osemwota  *TheMrwhoHatesPictures

So many memories; but no adequate words to explain them all; just know  I will miss you guys.

Well, my first day at Noc was awesome; considering the fact that, I was new and yet was taken into the close-knit-Noc-family that same day by Promise (who was the team lead at that time).

Generally, I  was introduced to the system by Ms.Uzo, who was/is representing the HR department.

                    General review 

It was a wonderful experience and im happy I had the privilege to experience such. Tho there were bad times(nothing-comes-easy-days) and worse days(the-tough-get-going-days); we still waded through.

The stress of having to get permission from the main men at the top before carrying out any assignment, or the required Protocol needed for tasks.

Well, it’s a bank, and everything is all done for the safety of the customers(documents and money) and also for the standard and name of the bank.

  • Site inspections of the atm’s
  • Network monitoring 
  • Setup and installations of routers and switches at the Ec’s

and the list goes on

So at last, the day ended. We can’t say it was a nice ending but we know how the saying goes “you never get what you wish for”,that was the case; sad but true. In all, ☺ ☺.

📷 📷 : opunne photography 


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