The “Hustle” and “Bustle” of LAGOS  

Living in Lagos is one thing, and being able to adjust is another . 

It’s funny how I have lived in Lagos almost my whole life and yet, when I face some regular daily incidents,  it’s hard to adjust. 

   I Love my Country “Nigeria”

             and also 

   My beautiful city “LAGOS”.

  Its a wet Monday morning, trying to make it on time for my appointment and the struggle is Real.

It’s 7.20 in the morning meanwhile, and  am still at my street busstop. 

 I had been standing at the busstop for 83mins and yet there was still no hope of the next Brt bus showing up; meanwhile the droplets of rain had gone from drizzles to downpour.  

            Change of plans… 

 I then decide to take a regular yellow&black commercial bus and the amount of people fighting for the bus was unimaginable. 

*ohhhh Noooo, I cant*

The muddy roads…

…the puddles of dirty water everywhere 

Cars splashing the water all over us(the pedestrians), the rushing feet of humans stepping on you unintentionally, and the people rubbing their damp bodies on you; all on a Monday morning. 

    These already are enough reasons to reschedule the appointment; or just cancel due to circumstances . 

But that’s we call “Hustling”.

 You can’t make it in Life, if you don’t struggle. 
It’s 10 in the morning already and I didn’t relent, I kept to my appointment thanks to Uber cab(tho a little on the high side but very comfortable  and reliable).  And also, my meeting went smoothly.

Happy New Month 🙂

Photographs: Opunne photography 

City: Lagos, Nigeria. 


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