Overcoming Fears.

So this is me sitting down on my bed thinking of what to do, and then a quick thought flashes and voila… Am here again. 

It baffles me why I have to  practically listen to music🎶 while im here. Writing gives me this indescribable feeling that nothing else(not even food🙈) gives me; so why is it different now. 
Well,  I have come to realise that, it’s one thing to write and it’s another thing to be a writer /author /blogger… 
            getting back on track… โณ
So, I went for brunch with a couple of friends; it was crazy but I loved every bit of it. 

The money we had(all together)wasn’t commensurate to the caliber of the  place, but nevertheless, we didn’t relent. All dressed up,  with our perfumes paving the way; we walked into the most serene area of the place and got comfortable in our seats. 

Knowing very well that our funds were insufficient, our orders were taken. Shortly after, a troop of people 🚶 🚶 inn, and who do I see?? 




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