Being Appreciative

(Thought how hard to begin the post. Not that the words weren’t there, but, I was at a juncture asking myself if/not to, at the end of it all, here I am).

Oh well…. gets in the mood

N.B: This is going to be a long read.

Many thoughts, unanswered questions, mixed feelings…….😥

I ask myself

Is it a privilege or an obligation for your parents to still fend for you after they have trained you (academically and business-wise) ?

Birthing you, does it give your parents the right to make all your decisions for you. Even when it’s obvious it’s going haywire?

Must you remain silent when being scolded wrongly?

Is it the right of a School Instructor/Teacher to flog/whip you when you’re naughty?

Is it compulsory to be answerable to your spouse even after his incessant mishandling(s)?

Must every woman get married (even when she’s at a point in her life where she doesn’t see need to)?

Is it the right of a boyfriend to demand sex?

Is it the right of a girlfriend to demand/request/expect her boyfriend to pay her bills?


There are soo many confusing happenings and yet soo many unanswered questions.

A true-life story here, where a woman stayed in her abusive marriage because of her kids. Was the bread-winner. Didn’t have a maid. Did all the kids school and home errands. Did her wifely duties. Overlooked her husbands misandrous spendings and women-carrying, yet still followed the Christian doctrine. Was a Churchie (a dedicated practising Christian). Was afraid of her husband.

Wasn’t sure she knew the meaning of Love any longer.

In all these happenings, she never thought of getting a divorce, all because she was a (devoted) Christian.

12years into her abusive marriage, (yet no-one knew). Carried the whole family-load alone (not excluding the fact that she was also looking after her parents and in-laws) yet, that was her cross-to-bear.

I was heartbroken, confused, taken-a-back, sad, short-of-words, wondering what women were taken-for.

He married her for Love. What had become of the love?

Wasn’t He a human being?

Didn’t he have feelings whatsoever?

Wasn’t He grateful for what he had?

Didn’t He see remorse in his actions?

Hadn’t He questioned the reasons why she hadn’t escaped with the kids? (after-all, she was financially capable)

Didn’t He ever think of turning a new leaf? (Change his negative ways)

Didn’t He care for the Life of the Kids? Or even bother about what they may have felt seeing him hitting their Mom every now and then?

Wasn’t He concerned what they thought about him?

Hadn’t He ever thought what would become of him and his kids if anything had ever happened to his Wife?

Was He just being a selfish and an inconsiderate man?

Or was it that, He just didn’t have the spirit of Gratitude?

Note: he was neither a druggie(drug-addict) nor an alcoholic.

Have you asked yourself the big Q already?

“What finally happened to the Wife”?

That should be an easy answer 🤧.

Then, there’s this farmers son. Born without a silver spoon, worked extremely hard. He never expected anything to come easy, so he put in extra hard work than the norm.

He made it. Became extremely wealthy. Had a family. Was known. Lived his life.

Had no reason to help people but he did. Why?

As wealthy as he was, he was very appreciative of the little things that were given to him. Why?

His Kids had an extremely wealthy father and they followed in his steps. Why?

He was humble even with his self-achievements. Why?

He always considered the needs of his Wife and Children before his. Why?

And then I look at some boys or Men(as I would say).

They expect the world and give nothing.

They demand everything, yet they have nothing to offer.

They want your all but have nothing to bring forward.

And I ask WHY?

Why is it hard for people to be grateful?

You have food on your table, yet, you complain you want to eat-out.

You have clothes on your back, yet, you say they aren’t the in-things (present-time fashion).

You have a roof over your head ,but, yet, you say it’s not in the coolest areas in town.

You live a comfortable life, but yet, you say, you want more.

You owe no bills. You have no debts. No out-of-the-way responsibilities, but yet, every opportunity you find, you complain.

Your parents are well-to-do. They give you a good education. Cloth you. Feed you. Take care of your necessary needs. Look after you. Love you. Yet, after it all, you demand more. What more do you seek? Aren’t you grateful already?

You’re dating each other, he doesn’t pay your bills. Doesn’t look after you. Demands sex. Expects you to still look after him. Still play the wifely role(s) (mind you, hasn’t put a ring on your finger). Finding faults in all your doings. Complains incessantly. Doesn’t commend your doings. Always compares you. Then, boom 💥, death is lurking around, he’s nowhere to be found. He’s gone MIA. You struggle, return to health, move on and he comes back. How? Why? Because? He starts with the epistles all over again.

He comes back with Love in his mouth.

He wasn’t grateful?

He left you in your dire moments.

What exactly are you meant to do with the words, I ask myself.

Why do people want to reap where they didn’t sow?

They want to harvest where they never planted ?

Why are people sooo ungrateful?

Why aren’t they appreciative?

Why? Why?? Why???

So much pain. Unanswered Questions.



The four letter word that kills faster than death.

A cold evening, “5.30pm”🌙🕡.

A cruel decision 😔😭.

Fourty-six days due.

Friday 18th May, 2018…

Oniwaya was the Venue 🏨

She was in and out within 30minutes.

The pain lingered the whole night; it was excruciating 😖 😖.

Amablesser by Dj Maphorisa & Mlindo the Vocalist 🎶 was her comfort song.

How was she going to continue life with the burden at heart

Google was her second name.

She sought closure so bad😿.

Her bible📖 was her best friend.

All that passed through her mind was what was going to happen next. All she felt was REGRET, PAIN, TEARS and FEAR. He wasn’t there for her. 20hrs+ travel time between them.

She bled buckets; 12hrs and counting. She had never been covered in RED before.

But who was she going to confide in?

She felt filthy, sinful…. words couldn’t describe.

Locked up in her thoughts, rejected and dejected 😩 😩.

But she was still in Love ❤️ .

How could that be?”

She had gone through a lot and yet still craved his touch🤤 and presence. That didn’t stop her from locking him out of their lives tho.

A Lecturer and a Secondary School Teacher, they still had so much to attain.

She was stuck in-between…..

She was left to carry the whole burden.

90,000 was sure not a small amount to carry alone.

God was teaching her two lessons at the same time.

Her life had just begun. What was next? Too many unanswered questions…. She was both in an emotional and psychological dilemma.

Her sister(s) questioned her severally, trying to find out the issue. She was bent stuck on her thoughts(too ashamed to say). Locked in and lost in thoughts.

Finally, she has decided to accept faith, move on with Life and learn from her mistakes. To ask God for forgiveness and also seek coverage in him. Abstinence was her decision. Neglect was the aftermath of her Love with the late babies Dad.

She had finally grown.

She had experienced Pain😔.

She had learned her lesson. Experience was the worst teacher but with the lessons learnt, she was sure never to forget.


A pained heart

The Struggle… 😔 

I’m deeply sorry *apology face*…

….Haven’t published in like forever 🙈🙈 and I feel really bad about it😢.

It’s been really hard this past months. Started with the struggle to submit my thesis “research writeup”, then moving my stuff out of my flat in school, relocating back to Lagos Nigeria (it’s not as easy as people make it sound). As if that wasn’t enough, my system started having faults😓😓, both my phones started to misbehave and to top it up, i was broke *no money* (due to no job).

So tiring 😞😞😞

And guess what, no boo love💝 to encourage me 😢 😢. Times like this makes me miss you. 💫💫*Muhhie* the 🌟 that remains in my heart and lights it up. ☺

It’s been really cray this past months *pls mind my language*

At a point, I thought to myself, was it any good attending “College???”, but as the saying goes, work now to play later, so here I am, fighting my way back up.

Trying to juggle between job hunting and continuing with my growing-business on the side (it’s a lot of work *phewwww* but I have to keep the struggle up).

Not to forget to say, but, it’s still one of my misbehaving phones I’m using rn. You wouldn’t understand the stress I’m going through to use the phone to type but believe me, it’s unexplainable.

Although I’m working on it *to upgrade my devices* all In the aim to make life easier and better.

So with all these problems I’m presently going through (yes problems, because every problem has a solution), thanks go out to my baby *ME*😁 for keeping me on track.

Thought it right to update my few lovely people who have an interest in my little circle-life what’s been up.

I promise to keep fighting for your sake and mine*of-course*. 😊

Love you all

Happy New Month ♥

Joining the Cooperate World

It was a stressful one, but it was all worth it at the end.

I’m 8days late on my post and there is no actual excuse for it; please accept my humble apologies. It’s been one thing over the other; so many unfinished projects.

           But, Oh well… 

Dear Lovelies,

So as we all know, I studied Network Computing and Telecommunications (NCT). These past few months have been hectic.

I  just finished running my internship programm; which was carried out in a bank. 

To say the truth, it was a straneous  experience but worth-while…                                          *wide grin* 

The early-to-rise and late-to-bed days, hustle and bustle of Lagos, the demonic early morning and late night traffic, juggle and toggle of site inspections, rectification of networks,configuration of routers and switches  and the general experience as a whole. They are all memories that are going to linger.

Officially bowed out. 🙌

                     Last Day

So, I waited till it was all over to share my experience with you guys; not cause I was lazy, but I wanted the complete experience.

Am happy it has all come to an end, but, at the same time, am going to miss everybody; the friends I made and also those who did not add value to my life:).


So my internship  started at the Service desk post. I stayed at that department for 10working days. I was warmly  welcomed with large hands and i’m glad it all started there.

     “Esi and Bankole for Service Desk department

After which  I was deployed to my base; NOC”Network Operating Centres”, where I remained from inception till completion.

A team made up of 90% of the male gender and just 10% of the female gender. Need me say more??

Shoutout to the only female, Bukola” (sorry no picture🙈)

           We got this…

and also to him;  David  Osemwota  *TheMrwhoHatesPictures

So many memories; but no adequate words to explain them all; just know  I will miss you guys.

Well, my first day at Noc was awesome; considering the fact that, I was new and yet was taken into the close-knit-Noc-family that same day by Promise (who was the team lead at that time).

Generally, I  was introduced to the system by Ms.Uzo, who was/is representing the HR department.

                    General review 

It was a wonderful experience and im happy I had the privilege to experience such. Tho there were bad times(nothing-comes-easy-days) and worse days(the-tough-get-going-days); we still waded through.

The stress of having to get permission from the main men at the top before carrying out any assignment, or the required Protocol needed for tasks.

Well, it’s a bank, and everything is all done for the safety of the customers(documents and money) and also for the standard and name of the bank.

  • Site inspections of the atm’s
  • Network monitoring 
  • Setup and installations of routers and switches at the Ec’s

and the list goes on

So at last, the day ended. We can’t say it was a nice ending but we know how the saying goes “you never get what you wish for”,that was the case; sad but true. In all, ☺ ☺.

📷 📷 : opunne photography 

The “Hustle” and “Bustle” of LAGOS  

Living in Lagos is one thing, and being able to adjust is another . 

It’s funny how I have lived in Lagos almost my whole life and yet, when I face some regular daily incidents,  it’s hard to adjust. 

   I Love my Country “Nigeria”

             and also 

   My beautiful city “LAGOS”.

  Its a wet Monday morning, trying to make it on time for my appointment and the struggle is Real.

It’s 7.20 in the morning meanwhile, and  am still at my street busstop. 

 I had been standing at the busstop for 83mins and yet there was still no hope of the next Brt bus showing up; meanwhile the droplets of rain had gone from drizzles to downpour.  

            Change of plans… 

 I then decide to take a regular yellow&black commercial bus and the amount of people fighting for the bus was unimaginable. 

*ohhhh Noooo, I cant*

The muddy roads…

…the puddles of dirty water everywhere 

Cars splashing the water all over us(the pedestrians), the rushing feet of humans stepping on you unintentionally, and the people rubbing their damp bodies on you; all on a Monday morning. 

    These already are enough reasons to reschedule the appointment; or just cancel due to circumstances . 

But that’s we call “Hustling”.

 You can’t make it in Life, if you don’t struggle. 
It’s 10 in the morning already and I didn’t relent, I kept to my appointment thanks to Uber cab(tho a little on the high side but very comfortable  and reliable).  And also, my meeting went smoothly.

Happy New Month 🙂

Photographs: Opunne photography 

City: Lagos, Nigeria. 

Overcoming Fears.

So this is me sitting down on my bed thinking of what to do, and then a quick thought flashes and voila… Am here again. 

It baffles me why I have to  practically listen to music🎶 while im here. Writing gives me this indescribable feeling that nothing else(not even food🙈) gives me; so why is it different now. 
Well,  I have come to realise that, it’s one thing to write and it’s another thing to be a writer /author /blogger… 
            getting back on track… ⏳
So, I went for brunch with a couple of friends; it was crazy but I loved every bit of it. 

The money we had(all together)wasn’t commensurate to the caliber of the  place, but nevertheless, we didn’t relent. All dressed up,  with our perfumes paving the way; we walked into the most serene area of the place and got comfortable in our seats. 

Knowing very well that our funds were insufficient, our orders were taken. Shortly after, a troop of people 🚶 🚶 inn, and who do I see?? 



I’m on Board

Hello lovelies,

My name is Clarissaelizabeth Onyinyeomachi Opunne George and i’m the new girl on board. Well, its going to be a long one coming.

Today makes it seven(7) years i craved opening my own blog. Now, I have broken the Jinx and started it. So, its safe to say that, this is me putting an end to all that procrastination and taking that step in doing my own thing… *flips hair backwards*

Well! Well!! Well!!!

My blog is going to be an expression of different facets of my life.

….Join me and be part of this ride.

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